12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Gary Wilkerson – December 8, 2016

Please join us during the 12 days leading up to Christmas to pray for some of our friends in need around the world. Each one has shared a specific request. An answer to their prayer would be the best gift they could receive this Christmas!

day1-brightonBrighton is 12 years old and lives in Nairobi. His grandmother provides for the family on a meager income while his mother is mentally ill and has to be restrained in the home. Pray for Brighton’s peace, the family’s provision, and soundness of mind for his mother.

day2-naomiNaomi is an 18-year-old mother of two in Kenya. Orphaned and sold into marriage by an aunt, Naomi lives in an orphanage with her 4- and 6-year-old children and attends their primary school with them. She hopes to attend high school and prays to be able to forgive her aunt.

day3-joyJoy is a 4½-year-old in Kenya. Her stepfather hasn’t accepted her and doesn’t provide for her, while her mother struggles to pay her school fees. Pray for Joy’s acceptance by her stepdad and for love and unity in the family.

day4-akinyiAkinyi is 15 and lives in Nairobi, after being rescued from a “pastor” uncle who sexually abused her. She hopes to graduate from primary school this year. Pray for Akinyi, who hates church because of her uncle and whose relationship with God is troubled.

day5-stellaStella is a 16-year-old Kenyan who was sold into marriage by her grandparents to a man who physically abused her, locking her in a room for seven months. She was rescued when passersby heard her screams. Stella now lives in a World Challenge-sponsored children’s home with her newborn baby and is attending school. She prays to one day meet her parents, whom she has never known.

day6-stevaA Christian for 26 years, Sveta lost her home and meager pension because of her son’s gambling problem. Living on the street, she was brought to a World Challenge-sponsored nursing home in Armenia. Despite her trials Sveta says, “I have kept my faith.” Pray for Sveta’s son and for her severe arthritis.

day7-zinaZina lives in Moldova with her parents and siblings in very poor conditions. She has had 3 surgeries, including a heart operation and a procedure that left one eye nearly blind and the other severely impaired. Pray for Zina’s health as she needs another surgery, and for the wellbeing of her family, which includes four alcoholic grandparents.

day8-carolineCaroline cares for her orphaned grandchildren in a one-room home in the Nairobi, Kenya slum of Mathare. The children attend a local World Challenge-supported school. Pray for Caroline’s strength and that her spiritual and physical needs will be met.

day9-shariffShariff is 12 and lives as an orphan in the Mathare slum, where he is bedridden from tuberculosis, HIV and sicklecell anemia, the last disease taking his brother’s life. Pray for quality medical care for Shariff and for finances to provide the special diet he needs.

day10-melisaMelisa is 10 and lives with her mother and 4 siblings in the Mathare slum. When Melisa’s father died, his family took his portion of inherited land and abandoned his widow. Melisa’s mom struggles to provide for the children by washing clothes and selling things. Pray that their needs will be supplied.

day11-ivanIvan was paralyzed by a construction accident and while in the hospital was abandoned by his adoptive parents. He was placed in a state-run home for the elderly, but since then has been moved to a World Challenge-supported facility for the disabled. Pray for Ivan’s physical health and emotional healing.

day12-vincentVincent is 9 years old and lives with his mother in the Mathare slum. His mom is HIV positive and works at a local bar, which puts both their lives at great risk. Pray that Vincent’s mother can find a different job and for financial means for his schooling.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support this Christmas season. If you would like to help, please use our secure online form to make a donation. Jesus’ love is making the difference in these friends’ lives around the world!