12 Faces of Missions – February

12 Faces of Missions – February

Andreas Steffensen – February 8, 2018

Pastor Noah Kyotha from North Kivu, D. R. Congo  

Pastor Noah Kyotha, our local coordinator in the D. R. Congo, spends much of his time coordinating community evangelism programs in the North Kivu region. He regularly travels to teach churches how to organize and develop solutions to their communities’ poverty. He also implements and tests his teaching in his own church. Currently, sewing and basket weaving lessons are helping 78 mothers develop the skills to generate extra income. A savings and loans group is also pooling the resources of community members, so funds are available when someone needs to take a child to the doctor or to purchase seeds for a field. Overall, their 4-person church plant has grown to an impressive 55 in just 18 months.

His “love your neighbor” approach has provided an opening for many Christians to share the gospel with their neighbors, not just through words, but through actions. The communities he serves have been able to fund and build a community school, introduce new crops, give agriculture lessons, and buy sewing machines to provide an income for single mothers. And now, over 12 new churches have been planted to accommodate the growing church body. His incredible dedication to the Lord is not only growing the church of Christ, but restoring hope to an otherwise forgotten, war-torn country.

Please pray with us for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the work Noah is undertaking in Congo. Pray for God’s continued protection of Noah as he travels through dangerous, rebel-controlled areas to train churches. Finally, pray for the health, growth, and well-being of his family and church.