12 Faces of Missions – March

12 Faces of Missions – March

World Poverty Solutions Staff – March 15, 2018

Chan from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Meet Chan, a retired nurse and a member of the AOG church, a WPS partner, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Though he has been an active member of the church for a long time, he has always felt a need to make a change in his community. After attending a seminar by our local partners, he realized what he could do. He was so excited, he went straight out of the seminar to the villagers in his area and taught them some of the basic lessons he had learned. He showed them ways to take care of their health at home, leading his fellow villagers to save money and use it for other family needs. Within months his impact was spreading, and many of the villagers took his lessons and taught their extended family members.

Within a few short months, Chan’s excitement and new skills have propelled him into a leadership role in this growing movement. He also partnered with a local businessman who needed help running his farm. Now they can teach their community different farming methods, including raising chickens, recycling food waste for fertilization, farming fish, and new irrigation techniques. Chan himself has thrown himself into the work, even digging the rows for many of the new vegetables on the farm.

Please pray for Chan and the Siem Reap community as they seek to spread both the understanding of community development and the gospel of Christ across North of Cambodia.