12 Faces of Missions

12 Faces of Missions

Sarah Steffensen – January 18, 2018

Over the last year, World Poverty Solutions has asked for your prayer for a different country each month. This year, we’d like for you to once again join us in prayer for 12 different partners, communities and friends. Each month, we’ll present you with a different person who works in their communities to not only better it, but to bring it to God. Thank you again for your prayers and for your support.

Chauncey and Jen LaBrie of WeighOut Ministries

Chauncey & Jenn LaBrie from Colorado Springs, CO  

Over the past few years, Chauncey and Jenn LaBrie have encountered a number of at-risk youth in their community. The escalating criminal activity, the lack of real community and the devastating impacts of poverty in their area, gave them a sense of urgency to make a difference in Colorado Springs. That’s how WeighOut ministries came to be. Dedicated to transforming their own backyard, WeighOut partnered with World Poverty Solutions to receive the needed training and resources to transform Southeast Colorado Springs.

This month, we’d like for you to join us in prayer for Chauncey and Jenn. Please pray with us for further direction on how to impact their community for the glory of God, and for hearts to be receptive towards the working of the Holy Spirit in this community. Thank you for your impact in Chauncey and Jen’s lives, and for the many lives you help us transform around the world!