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A Towering Tree Fed by Living Waters

Millicent Anyango Agutu – February 9, 2018

When a tree is firmly planted by a river and fed by its waters, it bears fruit endlessly, becoming a source of nourishment for the hungry and healing for the sick. Pastor Edward Ochieng is that kind of tree in his community. The fruit of his labor in the Soweto Slums of Nairobi, Kenya, has brought nourishing life to one of the most impoverished communities in the world. And now, in partnership with World Poverty Solutions, it is also leading Muslims to healing hope in Jesus.

12 Faces of Missions – February

Andreas Steffensen – February 8, 2018

Pastor Noah Kyotha, our local coordinator in the D. R. Congo, spends much of his time coordinating community evangelism programs in the North Kivu region. He regularly travels to teach churches how to organize and develop solutions to their communities’ poverty.


Unexpected Miracle Workers

Ben Demblowski – February 5, 2018

Jesus does wonderful things when we take him at his word. When we put our trust in him, he fulfills his promises in amazing, unexpected ways. That’s what Jesus did for Pastor Kambale Muhongya, a young, upstarting pastor in the D.R. Congo.

Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Ben Demblowski – January 19, 2018

You grew up in a cardboard box for a home with parents who were alcoholics. Your father could not get work because of a lack of education and extremely high unemployment rates, your mother was rarely home because she was constantly working for meager wages to support your family. What if this was your life?

12 Faces of Missions

Sarah Steffensen – January 18, 2018

Over the last year, World Poverty Solutions has asked for your prayer for a different country each month. This year, we’d like for you to once again join us in prayer for 12 different partners, communities and friends. Each month, we’ll present you with a different person who works in their communities to not only better it, but to bring it to God. Thank you again for your prayers and for your support.

Light on Block 38

World Poverty Solutions Staff – January 17, 2018

Sitting in the middle of Manila, Block 38 is a mass of cement and tin structures bulging into the streets with open canals that run through it. Every square foot is occupied, usually two and three stories up in raw, unfinished cinder block rooms and shared latrines. Eddie, a middle-aged taxi driver, struggles to rent a small space for his family in this congested squalor.

The Power of a Simple Peach

Andreas Steffensen – January 15, 2018

It’s easy to take basic essentials for granted—things such as food, clothing and shelter. But in regions of less abundance, a simple fruit can have a powerful effect. Consider a Balkan story of peaches—and how they reunited a family, revitalized a village, and opened a community’s eyes to Christ’s love.

A Drop of Water in a Sea of Thousands

World Poverty Solutions Staff – January 10, 2018

After the massive refugee crisis in the Middle East, the world is once again experiencing a great refugee crisis in Asia. Due to violent outbreaks in Myanmar, the Rohingya people have fled to their neighboring nation of Bangladesh. In total, over one million people found themselves stateless in desperate need of food, water, shelter, medical attention and spiritual relief.


Vera – A Living Testimony of the Light of Christ

Mynevere (Vera) Saliu – November 1, 2017

Community Health Evangelism Impact in Albania

Call me Vera. I’m from the city of Peqin, in the middle of Albania, where I grew up amid an Egyptian (Roma) community and within a family that respects Muslim traditions. I first heard about Jesus Christ when I was a university student in 2012. Whenever my close friend there talked about Jesus, I got irritated. I told her she was stupid to believe in a God she’d never seen, and that if she loved my company she shouldn’t talk to me about him.

A Mother’s Life Transformed Because of Jesus

Agron Aga – October 30, 2017

I’m a 40-year-old widow and the mother of two daughters. Even though I grew up in a Muslim family, I never heard about God. Then, when I first learned of Christ, it was during a hard period in my life.

Everything started in 2002, when my husband died—a big disaster for me. I was only 24, with two little daughters and no idea how my life was going to be. I had no job or support from relatives to help provide income for my daughters. I knew I had to move forward alone.

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