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12 Countries and 12 Months of Prayer – A Follow Up

World Poverty Solutions Staff – October 5, 2017

Last December, World Poverty Solutions asked for your prayer support throughout the 2017-year for 12 countries. Here are a couple of brief updates of how God has blessed two of them.

God Answers in Unexpected Ways

Steve Otradovec – September 26, 2017

Originally from the capital city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Daly has overcome many tests of faith in her life. She was at a point where she nearly abandoned her faith. That’s when God called her to the people of Oddar Meanchey, where her life, and many others, would change forever.

Seeds Sprouting to Life in Downtrodden Haiti

Ben Demblowski – September 18, 2017

Empowering the Hopeless through Practical Gospel Truth

From Tragic Darkness to Powerful Light

Jennifer Muigai – August 9, 2017

“Jesus Christ has changed me.” Those are the straightforward words of Geoffrey Okwanyi. And to those who know him, the words carry power. That’s because they knew the cruel, sordid, criminal life Geoffrey led—one that could only be changed by God’s power.

Clean Water, Clean Hands, Changed Lives

Andreas Steffensen – August 8, 2017

Through the work of World Poverty Solution’s Community Health Education (CHE) program, positive changes are beginning to take place in the Northern Ugandan city of Lira.

Building Bridges Through Wholistic Development

Steve Otradovec –

As tensions flare between Islamic radicals and the Filipino military in southern regions of the Philippines, our local community development partners continue building bridges of trust into Muslim-dominated communities around the country.

Faces Alight with the Gospel

Steve Otradovec – July 17, 2017

When Kimvohn was miraculously healed, she and her husband gave their lives wholeheartedly to Jesus. A mother of 6, Kimvohn was so grateful that she immediately carried her heavy wooden altar and other Buddhist symbols outside her house to burn them. Her sister pleaded with her to give them all away. But Kimvohn, fully devoted to Jesus, refused to allow anyone else to become enslaved to false promises.

Harvesting New Life in a Season of Sorrow

Lagen Samuel – June 27, 2017

When 46-year-old Sofia Apiyo lost her husband in a car accident, her life came to a sudden halt. Not only had she lost her loving husband and father of her children, but also the sole breadwinner of her family.

A Miraculous Healing, a Family Transformed

Emily Chamberlain – June 19, 2017

In rural Northern Uganda Mary Okori, a housewife and mother of six, had suffered for three years with severe pain in her legs; pain that left her unable to walk without the help of crutches. Mary visited countless hospitals, clinics and doctors but did not find relief.

A Kenyan Widow, a Massive Slum, and Powerful Gospel Light

Gerald Ngaruiya – June 1, 2017

When her husband died, Elisheba, a 40-year-old widow, struggled to raise her 5 children. She’s one of many rural Kenyans who migrated to Nairobi in search of a better life, only to face the high cost of living in a big city. Elisheba scrambled to feed her family, provide for their medical needs and keep up with rising rent in a one-room, iron-sheet home in Nairobi’s vast Mathare slum. Thousands of people in the slum rely on low-paying jobs such as washing clothes for neighbors or selling food on the roadside, never able to rise above crushing poverty. They also lack basic services such as clean water, proper drainage or public schools.

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