World Poverty Solutions began partnering in 2010 with local churches to reach Dhaka’s vast urban slums.

Project Overview

Location Reach Program Setting
Dhaka 4 Communities Urban 2010

Project Impact

  • • Working with six churches
  • • Educational programs for children, adult literacy classes, health + hygiene training, micro-loans for small businesses
  • • Decreased occurrences of diarrhea, malaria, worms and skin infections
  • • Bridging the barriers between Christians, Hindus and Muslims

Country Overview

Bangladesh is a low-lying country surrounded by India on three sides and Myanmare in the far southeast. With more than 2,600 people per square mile, is is one of the most crowded countries.

Capital Population Professing Christians
Dhaka 160,209,000 0.4% (% Evangelical)


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