Dear Friend,

I’m writing this personal letter to tell you about an amazing development the Holy Spirit has given us. World Challenge missions has a new name—and a clear, new vision and direction.

Ten years ago I began wrestling with a real problem. Our missions efforts were focused on helping those who suffer extreme poverty in struggling nations. We were caring for orphans, feeding hungry children, and aiding the sick through medical outreaches. These were necessary works, but they only put a band-aid on recurring problems. They didn’t change the root issues that kept people impoverished for generations.

We then began a journey of praying and listening to God, examining our ministry methods, meeting with our partners in the field, and seeking God’s direction for another way. For the past ten years, while continuing short-term aid works, we’ve been putting new ways into practice and ministering to the needs of the poor in a most exciting way. We’re implementing solutions—long-term solutions, and are no longer just giving well-meant gifts that often lead to dependency and minimize people’s faith. With our new program, we’re seeing Jesus’ love and truth empower people out of despair, helplessness and poverty—and into a living hope!

Here’s how it’s happening. We go to the same impoverished communities with the same goal to serve. But now we equip them with the means to overcome their crises. We begin by meeting with local leaders, pastors, and lay people who want to see real and lasting change. We offer them training—in biblical principles and practices, health and hygiene, animal husbandry, and financial stewardship. We point to the many natural resources around them that God has blessed them with—and suddenly, we see hope in their eyes. Once they implement the new practices, it doesn’t take long for their lives to improve— and they’re encouraged. They’re able to taste, touch and see the thriving, blessed life their heavenly Father desires for them.

The results have been amazing. Poor single mothers who would have sent their children to our feeding program will now set their own table with fresh produce from a garden they’ve grown. The kids will be healthier and happier, and the family’s income will grow from the sale of excess crops. And what about orphaned children? Our goal is to have them taken in by volunteer families who can now afford to care for them. Instead of being raised in an institutional setting, bereaved kids can grow up in a loving home with real parents and siblings for a lifetime.

To more clearly define this amazing new venture, we’ve adopted a new name for our missions efforts: World Poverty Solutions. We’re launching this month, near the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing. From the very start of his ministry sixty-seven years ago, David Wilkerson had a clear vision of God’s care for the hurting. These newest breakthroughs expand on that vision. It’s all because we want to reach the highest calling God has for us.

I’m asking you to help us launch this new venture to overwhelming success. I believe you’re like me—you want to see solutions and not just band-aids on recurring problems. You long to see the downcast brought to life with real hope. And you love helping in Jesus’ name. I’ve always been grateful for your partnership—it remains a sacred trust to us. And that brings up another wonderful aspect of World Poverty Solutions: we believe it provides the best possible stewardship of the gifts of God’s people. If you can feed a child for a year, that’s a blessing. But if you can create an environment where a food line is no longer needed, that’s even better—for the child, the family, and the community.

If you’re with me, please consider helping in any of the following ways:

    1.  Pray that World Poverty Solutions will touch thousands more lives with lasting solutions
    2. Consider making a monthly donation to help support the World Poverty Solutions cause, which is already seeing success.


Without you, it can’t be done. With you, the possibilities are amazing!

Thank you,
Gary Wilkerson
President, World Challenge