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Love Thy Neighbor

Sarah Steffensen – June 15, 2018

Churches in Omaha, NE seek to change their communities from the inside out. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Loving family or friends is something that really comes easily to most. Being dedicated to God before all else? It’s a daunting task even for the most devoted. Loving your neighbors? It is…

12 Faces of Missions – June

World Poverty Solutions Staff – June 14, 2018

June Myron from Omaha, NE Myron grew up in the inner city of North Omaha, NE. His early life was riddled with chaos and instability; both of his parents struggled with a debilitating crack – cocaine addiction. By the time Myron was just 16, he was facing a prison sentence for drug and gang activity….

A Small Change, a Lasting Result

World Poverty Solutions Staff – June 13, 2018

A change of heart brings lasting change to a rural community in Southern Asia In a rural village in Southern Asia*, Mrs. Nirmala lived a Christian life with little impact in her community because she didn’t believe she could help her neighbors. And it didn’t seem that they wanted her help, slandering her and her…

A Prayer Answered, A Dream Fulfilled

Steve Otradovec – May 21, 2018

A sick day can spell disaster for any rural family in Northern Cambodia.  That’s why Sokha was gripped by fear when her working husband fell ill.  She watched his limbs swell severely—a condition that worsened for over a year.  Desperate for a cure, the couple spent all their money seeking help to no avail.

12 Faces of Missions – May

World Poverty Solutions Staff – May 18, 2018

Imagine you live in a poor village in India. Your home may only have one room without even a bathroom or a toilet. Instead, you have to use the public bathroom in the village center. Running water is scarce. The nearest water source is miles away. It was in these conditions that we first met Sunaina, her husband, and their three children.

Like the Acts 2 Church

Sarah Steffensen – May 17, 2018

A positive future for communities in America Nestled in the small front room of a quaint coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs, I met with some of the most creative, godly, and dynamic men and women I’ve encountered in a long time. They have a passion to reach the increasingly un-churched, divided, and socially disconnected…

Agents of Change

Agron Aga – May 15, 2018

Transformation starts with the unassuming message that Jesus loves you. Those three profoundly simple, but potent words have the power to change the course of history, but they can also humbly save a family by first touching the life of an innocent child. In our most recent trip to the Balkan region of eastern Europe, we were blessed to hear about the story of a little girl who helped to restore her family through the love of Jesus Christ.

From Listening to Leading

World Poverty Solutions Staff – April 14, 2018

Like many women in underdeveloped nations, the women of a Bangladesh community were isolated, unheard and illiterate. Without the ability to read and write, small things like going to the market for goods was an ordeal. They would get robbed by sellers as they didn’t understand basic arithmetic. Going home shortchanged and unable to meet their immediate needs.

12 Faces of Missions – April

World Poverty Solutions Staff – April 10, 2018

Agron and his team have faithfully and humbly served Albania for many years. Even before WPS was blessed to partner with this faithful team, they were laboring and praying for the country of Albania in the name of Jesus.

More than a way out…a way forward

Sarah Steffensen – April 6, 2018

Driving around frustrated, with an almost empty tank, Alex* was struggling to find the location of a weekly Bible study group that meets in Southeast Colorado Springs. Unable to find the house, frustration turned to discouragement and Alex decided to skip the Bible study altogether and head home. But before he could turn around he realized he was on the very street he had been looking for. God had led him straight to the right house!

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