Building Hopeful Vision through the Truth of God’s Love

Building Hopeful Vision through the Truth of God’s Love

Gary Wilkerson – June 1, 2016

I stood with a Kenyan pastor on the roof of a three- story building overlooking a vast slum in Nairobi. Below us, impoverished children played in the mud- soaked streets. Thanks to this pastor’s compassionate efforts and the sponsorship of World Challenge, one floor below us, 300 children enjoyed a warm, nutritious meal.

I asked my Kenyan friend a simple but challenging question: “Pastor, if you had the choice, would you continue feeding these children and maybe increase their number slightly? Or would you rather help their families learn ways out of poverty—ways to feed and clothe their kids, and even help their struggling neighbors? What if you could bring solutions that ended generations of poverty?”

My friend looked worried, as if I were about to end support for his feeding program. I reassured him the hungry kids in his care would still be fed. Yet if their families were able to help themselves, they would know God’s love as more than a band-aid on an open wound. Instead, they would experience his power to lead them into thriving, hope-filled lives. “Is this possible?” he asked. “I don’t see how.”

That’s the thrust of World Poverty Solutions (WPS)—to reach people who’ve wondered their whole lives, “How is it possible?” and help them see that God has provided a way. The next day, I shared the vision of WPS with 50 other Christian leaders. Our process could help not just the 300 kids being fed each day, but eventually those playing in the muddy streets. At first the leaders were skeptical, but the more questions they asked—and the more we encouraged their ideas—hope rose in their eyes. They began to see how struggling parents and single moms could have a better tomorrow. Together we reveled in the powerful truth that Jesus’ loving care not only saves us from sin but extends to every grain of rice we need to feed our families.

A transformation has begun in this Kenyan community. The leaders have launched WPS processes to train people in proper hygiene, food preparation and other simple techniques. Soon they’ll see improvements in health, quality of life and even income as they save money on medicines. This process has succeeded in other countries, and we believe a new day is on the horizon for our friends in Kenya.

Would you join us to help make God’s love a hopeful reality for those suffering extreme poverty? You can give on our secure donation page. 100% of your gift goes directly to those in need in the locations where we work.

We praise God for enabling us to implement this poverty-solving ministry, and we trust you’ll get involved. Thank you for every faithful prayer and financial gift, which help bring the hope of God’s love to many!