Orphan Support Process

$20 per child, per month provides care for an orphan in southern Cambodia. We are using a two-year start and exit process with each of the volunteer support families. In this process, family will receive support, mentoring and assistance in vocations, along with Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainings. With this, families rise from their own current level of poverty to increased capacities. As a family’s well-being improves and they become fully self-sufficient, financial support can end within two years.

Who are the orphans in Cambodia?

Ages range from 0 years to 18 years old. All orphans have been vetted and identified as ‘true orphans’ for adherence to Scripture and accountability. Children are mostly single but a few have siblings, which will always be sent to the same family together.

What area in Cambodia are the orphans and families in?

All orphans are in southern Cambodia from Kampot and Prey Veng. Provinces that are south of the capital of Phnom Penh.

Who is taking in the orphans?

Children are kept in their original communities for continuity of family ties, culture, social structure and familiarity as all positively improve a child’s future.

We do this by working through local churches, which organize volunteer families and help to find surviving relatives. Many of these volunteer families are church leaders, from pastors to elders to lay people. Both genders are cared for in family settings with two parents or grandparents versus the institutional orphanage setting.

What type of care is given to the orphans?

Your support helps provide basic food, clothing, shelter, medical, public education and personal safety which minimizes vulnerability to sexual abuse, trafficking, slavery, gender bias, etc.

Is there oversight or monitoring of the families that take in orphans?

Volunteer families are helped by local church teams, which visit regularly. The teams offer mentoring, help with budgeting, training in health and diet, and biblical teaching to improve all areas of life. Also, World Poverty Solutions supported Cambodia Global Action staff gives broad oversight and helps apply measures of accountability.

What is the training the orphans receive?

Younger children are assigned ‘family chores’ and older ones are given basic training in vocations, such as farming or fishing, and participate in World Poverty Solutions Community Health Evangelism training. Both assignments are for personal growth, family support and future livelihood.

All orphans and families get regular and consistent Bible training either via house churches or by a traditional church in their area.

What happens if there is a natural disaster or drought that affects the area?

If events like this happen, World Poverty Solutions will continue to bring solutions to the communities and families in need. We don’t consider our projects “complete” until there is local ownership and stability—we want to make sure that the community is engaged and empowered to care for their own needs for years to come.

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