A Divine Appointment in Rural Uganda

A Divine Appointment in Rural Uganda

Christopher R. Wigginton – June 22, 2016

You never know what God may have in store for you. So it was for Sidonia. What was supposed to be a random stop for our World Poverty Solutions team at a typical impoverished bush compound turned into an encounter that changed one woman’s life forever—here on earth and for eternity.

Meet Sidonia

Sidonia lives in a remote rural region of northern Uganda. Her tragic story, unfortunately, is not uncommon in this area. Sidonia was widowed when her husband died in the civil war. One of her sons died from HIV, and another son was found dead at a neighbor’s compound under mysterious circumstances. What little income Sidonia earns comes from illegally selling a crude homemade alcohol.

Good News

Then Sidonia heard about the love of God. The messengers of this Good News were Anna, whom you may have read about in a previous update, and a local pastor. When they told Sidonia about Jesus, she accepted him as her Savior. Now Sidonia meets with Anna regularly to pray, study the Bible and learn how to live a godly life.

A Better Way

In addition to being discipled by Anna, Sidonia is also learning how to make a living legally. By taking better care of her animals and adopting improved planting techniques, her home-sourced foods are increasing. Sidonia’s health and hygiene practices are also improving as she learns how to maintain a rubbish pit, create a compost pile, build a hand-washing station, and sanitize her dishes using an elevated drying rack.

With your help, Sidonia has found a whole new life. Yet it’s only the beginning of God’s plans for her! If you would like to help others like Sidonia, you can do give through our secure donation page. 100% of your gift goes to helping those in need in the locations where we work. Thank you for helping bring God’s love to those in greatest need!