A Drop of Water in a Sea of Thousands

A Drop of Water in a Sea of Thousands

World Poverty Solutions Staff – January 10, 2018

Relief Efforts for the Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh

After the massive refugee crisis in the Middle East, the world is once again experiencing a great refugee crisis in Asia. Due to violent outbreaks in Myanmar, the Rohingya people have fled to their neighboring nation of Bangladesh. In total, over one million people found themselves stateless in desperate need of food, water, shelter, medical attention and spiritual relief.

Rohingya people waiting for relief packs

With the help of WPS, our partners began extensive relief efforts. After sending a team to better understand the situation, they made a plan to serve and care for the Rohingyas:

  1. Giving relief aid for each family: food (rice, potatoes, lentils, oil, salt, etc.), water and hydration salts, a tarp, and sanitary napkins for the women
  2. Counseling and spending time listening to people’s hurts
  3. Providing free medical treatment

After assembling enough relief packs for 500 families, a team of seven people set out to the camp. There, they found themselves needing to get paperwork and approval from the local government to proceed into the now Army-supervised area. They spent half a day getting signatures and filling necessary paperwork. After everything was completed, the team finally entered the camp and began handing out relief packs to families who had been lined up for hours in the sweltering heat.

Passing out sacks of food and supplies

Over the course of their stay they sat and listened to the stories of heartbreak—bringing comfort and consolation to the people there—and cared for the physical needs of many families there. By offering to care for children, the team was able to enter families’ tents and get to know them. The children were able to get their nails cut and their lice-ridden hair combed and cared for. By the end of their 4-day visit, the team was able to meet many of the families in the camp, and care for over 200 refugee children, some who were found to be orphaned by their sudden move.

Combing girl's hair Cutting a woman's toenails

Braiding girl's hair Bathing the children

Rohingya Children

Our partners told us that their efforts were like a water drop in the sea to the thousands of people there. As the Rohingyas’ needs are constantly growing, our partners ask for constant prayer. Many Bangladeshis are scared since they are outnumbered by the refugees, and the Rohingyas cannot go back to Myanmar without their government’s approval. So please join us in prayer for these people who are traumatized and in great need, the orphaned children’s safety, our partners, and the Bangladeshi people who are trying to care for them. You can also support the relief efforts and training across the world by donating through our secure online donation form. Thank you for being part of the help the Rohingyas have received, and for allowing us to continue to provide poverty solutions across the world!