Eco-Stoves Saving Children’s Lives in El Salvador

Eco-Stoves Saving Children’s Lives in El Salvador

Gary Wilkerson – September 8, 2014

World Poverty Solutions, with your support, has been able to make a difference in the lives of many at-risk Central American youngsters. Following is one example that may not sound world-changing but is saving lives, promoting health and creating a powerful gospel witness.

This ministry is taking place in rural villages of El Salvador. Many mothers there have seen their children die from respiratory infection, most of them under five years old. The cause is poor ventilation from the use of indoor stoves. Hazardous air quality in cheaply constructed homes stunts physical growth, causes severe learning disabilities and leads to illnesses ending in death.

World Poverty Solutions partners with local churches in these villages to provide affordable and sustainable eco-stoves. Villagers are trained in the health and economic benefits of these stoves and are shown how to make them themselves, using cheap or even free components available locally. The people are then encouraged to pass on their knowledge to fellow villagers, creating a one-to-one gospel witness as neighbors help one another.

This simple ministry has the ability to cut child mortality rates by reducing respiratory infections up to 60 percent. The practice also increases a family’s economic freedom, improves a child’s learning abilities and empowers local churches to practically share God’s love. These are just a few of the many blessings World Poverty Solutions seeks to bring to any village, town or urban locale, as we discern needs worldwide. Thank you for your faithfulness in helping us to offer Christ’s love in areas of poverty and great need.