Empowering People to Escape Extreme Poverty

Empowering People to Escape Extreme Poverty

Gary Wilkerson – April 21, 2008

Imagine those times in your life when you have faced tremendous and strenuous circumstances. The kind that keep you awake at night, causing you shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat as you frantically search for answers…and find none. Times when, despite your earnest descriptions of your situation, those around you seem unable to comprehend the pain you’re experiencing.

Soon exhaustion overwhelms you and resignation, its debilitating companion, settles in. As you endure your struggle silently, others falsely think everything is well with you and back to normal. All is forgotten…except by you. This is life in the Lira district of Uganda.

Lives Marked By Extreme Poverty

Our missions leadership team has spent significant time in rural Uganda, where extreme poverty marks the lives of tens of thousands who have been displaced by the 20-year-long civil war. The majority of people here earn less than $1.00 a day—a day filled with twelve to fourteen hours of backbreaking labor amid incredible struggles to simply survive. Scarcity of food, no clean water, lack of proper sanitation, and rampant disease are just a few of the issues facing villagers. Everyone seems resigned to being powerless to change their circumstance.

The town of Lira was one of the most vulnerable and affected districts of Uganda’s civil conflict. Peace is holding temporarily, and thousands are returning to former lands, yet they live without any real means of rebuilding. Sometimes charitable gifts come their way, bringing momentary relief to their pain-filled lives, but they know more is needed to make lasting changes.

An Opportunity For Lasting Change

Now is a time of wonderful opportunity for World Poverty Solutions to reach many who face such “forgottenness,” with the gospel message of hope and help. Our ministry seeks to empower the people of Lira through immediate emergency assistance and long-term sustainable solutions to the extreme poverty. We have formed partnerships with local groups to meet many of the spiritual, educational, health and economic needs of the area.

The challenge to assist such staggering needs requires God’s miraculous intervention. A true redemption of lives is needed, both in spiritual and physical terms. World Poverty Solutions is committed to long-term, personally involved, highly aggressive acts of compassion and wise interventions, to provide an opportunity for thousands to escape the cycle of extreme poverty. As always, we give thanks to God for you and your heart of compassion that makes such endeavors possible.