Faces Alight with the Gospel

Faces Alight with the Gospel

Steve Otradovec – July 17, 2017

A Thriving House Church Movement in Cambodia

When Kimvohn was miraculously healed, she and her husband gave their lives wholeheartedly to Jesus. A mother of 6, Kimvohn was so grateful that she immediately carried her heavy wooden altar and other Buddhist symbols outside her house to burn them. Her sister pleaded with her to give them all away. But Kimvohn, fully devoted to Jesus, refused to allow anyone else to become enslaved to false promises.

Kimvohn told her testimony to her neighbors and relatives, but they insulted and persecuted her. Because there are no churches in her village, Kimvohn and her family began holding a weekly service in their home, opening their doors to their neighbors. Christian families like hers are virtually alone in Siem Reap province. Scattered throughout the region are 1,000 villages, a multitude of ancient temples, but almost no churches. Nearly 1 million people in the region remain largely unreached with the gospel.

Pastor Chhay, a church leader in the city of Siem Reap, hopes to change all that. With support from World Poverty Solutions, he and a band of church planters from his church are working to saturate the countryside with the gospel through simple house churches like Kimvohn’s. In a relatively short time, the movement has expanded to 37 churches with dramatic reports of transformation, healing, freedom from fear of evil spirits, and faces alight with the hope of the gospel.

Pastor Chhay’s goal is to see these local bodies multiply until every village in Siem Reap has at least one healthy, sustainable house church. As World Poverty Solutions comes alongside Pastor Chhay’s team to encourage, equip and empower them, we plan to integrate community health and development into their movement. Then, as people’s lives are transformed both spiritually and physically, the gospel witness to their neighbors beams even brighter.

Would you pray with us that this powerful movement of God so thoroughly saturates Cambodia that everyone is touched with the gospel? You can also help by donating through our secure online donation form. Thank you for helping the Good News of Christ touch the unreached!