Fertile Soil and Good Seed Leads to Promising Returns in Kenya

Fertile Soil and Good Seed Leads to Promising Returns in Kenya

Steve Otradovec – February 6, 2017

Still other seed fell on good soil, and they sprouted, grew and produced a crop that was thirty, sixty and even a hundred times as much as had been planted.” (Mark 4:8)

We don’t always know whether the seeds we plant through our Community Health Evangelism (CHE) work will take root and grow. Much like the work of traditional evangelism, the seeds must fall on good soil to produce a crop, but when it does – the results can be exponential!

Pastor Oliver Chiramba of Nairobi, Kenya has proven to be nutrient-rich soil. This vibrant man of God oversees the spiritual development of a local assembly, runs a school with more than 315 children and manages a home of 94 orphans. In the midst of all this, he realized more could be done to bring lasting change to his community, so he participated in CHE training, soaking up the training like a heavy rain on an arid land. As he internalized what he learned, God began to bless him by sprouting several ideas to improve his community through engagement and empowerment. He swiftly shared these ideas and put his training into action.

Saving enough money for school fees remains a massive hurdle for many Kenyan parents. If a parent cannot find enough money, the children cannot go to school. So, Pastor Oliver thought of an income generating idea for local parents. He provided a pair of rabbits to parents of the children at his school and the parents were taught to raise, care for and breed the rabbits. The money raised from selling the offspring could then be used for school fees.

He has also taught community members better farming techniques based on CHE lessons. “Thank you so much WPS for training us about CHE and farming God’s way; now we are training our community on improved agricultural techniques and farming vegetables,” he shared. Using the new techniques, the trainees produced an abundance of healthy, sustaining vegetables they can use to feed their families or sell to buy other goods. As Pastor Oliver embraced the wisdom he received, God blessed him and he forwarded this blessing of wisdom on to others that they might too be blessed.