God Answers in Unexpected Ways

God Answers in Unexpected Ways

Steve Otradovec – September 26, 2017

As Daly cried out to God, “Creator God, please bless us with a source of meat for our younger brother’s birthday. We have so little, but you give us everything we need day by day”, screams from a familiar voice stopped her cold. She immediately ran in the direction of the young orphan girl’s shrieks. A host of other orphan children she cares for followed. The young girl burst from the bushes across the field from their home, a terror-stricken look on her face. “Sat Pua!!” or snake, she screamed! The older boys hurriedly found sticks and quickly dispatched the highly venomous King Cobra hiding near their home. As calm returned, Daly praised God for protecting the girl and quickly realized God answered her prayers by providing an abundance of meat for the birthday celebration!

Originally from the capital city of Phnom Penh, Daly now serves as a house church planter and trainer at one of the northernmost provinces in Cambodia. Prior to her transition into ministry, Daly’s faith went through a series of intense testing. Including a failed marriage to an unbeliever, a severe illness and a time of deep despair that nearly resulted in total abandonment of her faith. However, God had other plans for her life, and in the midst of despair, he brought healing and restoration. After returning to God with whole-hearted passion, other believers poured into her life and through a series of divine events, God called her to the people of Oddar Meanchey.

She left Phnom Penh with very little but the knowledge that she had to move to this province with few churches and widespread poverty. It remains the most landmine-ridden province in the country, a terrifying reminder of civil war and genocide decades ago. Yet God provided a home and land through the obedience of a Cambodian Christian businessman. She has gloriously lived out the gospel she proclaims here; planting 5 house churches and opening her home to 10 orphans and a widow.

Daly’s vision is to plant local, sustainable and multiplying house churches throughout the region. She knows that prayer, evangelism and leadership development are key components to seeing a movement of God. She also knows that God cares for the whole man and she desires to see people freed from physical poverty.

Daly and those in her care are working to develop the land where they live so they can meet their own daily needs as well as provide a model for others. Daly, and other church planters, will soon be taking part in World Poverty Solution’s Community Health Education training where they will be equipped to facilitate transformation among the northern provinces of Cambodia. Daly’s life is a living letter of the goodness of God. To help Daly and our partners all throughout the world, you can use our secure online donation form. Please continue to pray for their daily provision, development of the local church leaders and a movement of God in the region.