Harvesting New Life in a Season of Sorrow

Harvesting New Life in a Season of Sorrow

Lagen Samuel – June 27, 2017

A Widow Restores Her Family’s Future through Chili Growing in Northern Uganda

When 46-year-old Sofia Apiyo lost her husband in a car accident, her life came to a sudden halt. Not only had she lost her loving husband and father of her children, but also the sole breadwinner of her family.

Grieving and frightened, Apiyo didn’t know where to turn. Then she heard about a community health education program supported by World Challenge in her town of Lira. Apiyo joined the program and began to receive training in skills that would enable her to support herself and her children.

Gaining knowledge and confidence, Apiyo decided to focus her energy on growing chili. To begin, she sold off her small stock of beans, maize, groundnuts and peas. This sale totaled just enough for Apiyo to buy timber and iron sheets, the materials she needed to start her new microenterprise.

Since then, her harvests of chili have helped Apiyo look beyond basic survival and toward a blessed future. With the profits she’s earned, she has enrolled her children in school, expanded her business and increased her skills.

Apiyo testifies openly to her community of the many benefits she has received through the community-sponsored health education. In turn, we at World Poverty Solutions are grateful for your support in helping people like Apiyo find help and hope for a blessed future. Thank you!