Home Gardens Help Alleviate Poverty in El Salvador

Home Gardens Help Alleviate Poverty in El Salvador

Gary Wilkerson – August 26, 2013

The vision of World Poverty Solutions is to serve churches that serve the poor around the world. One way we do this is through partnerships like the one we have with ENLACE in El Salvador. For two decades we have worked to plant, support and assist in training churches in remote mountain villages. This year we are partnering with 69 churches in efforts that impact 125,000 lives.

Home Gardens Provide Income and Healthy Food

One of the ministry’s tools is the home garden. Working with local churches to teach workshops on how to grow more productive, organic vegetable gardens provides healthy foods and a source of income to poor families. Also by teaching how to make organic fertilizers from local resources, eliminates harmful chemicals, improving health and finances. Both benefits are crucial in this region of extreme poverty. To date 284 home garden projects have been started, affecting nearly 1,500 people. Life is improving in these communities and the additional income is helping to end the terrible cycle of poverty.

Mama Lupe

Mama Lupe is an example of the benefits of a home garden. In 2010 she started a garden in her community and the first season yielded $100 in profit. The income was a huge supplement to a local economy where many villagers live on less than a dollar a day. Since then Mama Lupe has been instrumental in starting 12 more gardens in the community, bringing food and hope to numerous families.

Healthier Self-sustaining Communities

The ministry’s church partnerships also include other improvement projects, ranging from eco-stoves, water systems, improved home environments, medical clinics and micro-business loans. All contribute to healthier, self-sustaining communities where people see the church as an expression of God’s love to the world, caring not only for souls but for physical needs.

Through World Poverty Solutions’ partnerships in El Salvador, churches are being unified and entire communities are benefiting from lasting change. Please consider partnering with us through your prayers and support to see the local church empowered to continue spreading Christ’s love.