Hope to Build on in Uganda

Hope to Build on in Uganda

Gary Wilkerson – May 26, 2016

For decades the Lord’s Resistance Army wreaked havoc in Uganda, leaving 1.5 million people homeless. When peace resumed in 2006, people returned home to find total devastation. Anna Grace Emuna was one of them.

Anna, her husband and their five children were forced to live in a cramped mud hut. With no means to provide, the couple struggled to put food on the table. Eventually, without proper nutrition or hygiene, two of their children died. Anguished by their tragedy and the grinding hardship, Anna waned in the little faith she had.

When we visited Anna’s village, we met other devastated people like her. Many expected handouts like the ones they received from charities during the conflict. We gently explained we came to do more—that we wanted to train and educate in God’s ample provision. But some villagers were skeptical and turned away.

A Spark of Hope Brings Dramatic Transformation

Yet the offer sparked hope in Anna. She came to the trainings and put her new knowledge to work with a few onion bulbs we provided. Soon Anna’s overgrown home plot turned into a bountiful onion patch. To her amazement, her first harvest brought in $100—a huge amount for her family.


Anna was so encouraged she kept coming back. She learned to plant banana and papaya trees as well as beans, cassava and other crops. She happily used the fresh food to feed her family and then sold the rest for income. Anna also learned to make a rubbish pit to keep her surroundings clean and compost that could create organic fertilizer.

The transformation was dramatic. Anna’s children were healthier and happier, and she spent less on medicine. With the money saved, her family built a spacious compound with several painted huts, a latrine and a hand-washing station. They could also afford to send the children to school.

Multiplying Hope

Anna’s neighbors watched it all with amazement. She gladly taught them the techniques she’d learned, and in turn they taught their neighbors. Soon village life improved—and the local chief appointed Anna to be the women’s leader. Today she travels to neighboring villages to impart what she’s learned, along with the hope that sparked it.

Through it all, Anna’s faith has grown. She knows God as a Father whose care and provision are all around—a living God who ministers lasting change to the whole person, mind, body and soul. Once hopeless, Anna is now a woman of dignity and respect with a thriving life. And she spreads the hope-filled promise of God’s care.

Anna’s is just one story. Together we can write others like hers. World Poverty Solutions is a whole-person ministry, developed through decades of outreach in the world’s poorest regions under the umbrella of World Challenge.

Thank you for helping to bring true and lasting hope where there was none. That’s the hope of Christ’s gospel!