The Persecuted Church in India: NOW

The Persecuted Church in India: NOW

World Poverty Solutions Staff – May 23, 2017

With a national population of more than 1.3 billion and over 80% Hindu, the Christian church is under very high persecution across the country. In 2013, India was listed on the Persecuted Church list at #31, today, due to the most recent national election and the rise of Hindu extremism, it now lists at #15. As radicalism increases so does intolerance against the Christian church, despite it’s being only 2% of the population. Protestant Christianity is targeted due to it’s commitment to evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Perpetrators of violence, driven by nationalism, Hinduism or both, often target Christians who are mostly from the lower caste. They are mostly given impunity which spurs further and more aggressive acts of persecution. Incidents are occurring every month, against all age and gender groups, including children. Sources indicate that a church is burnt down or a pastor is beaten on average of 31 times per month, up from the 2015 average of 10 times.

Our partners are no exception and have faced continual threats, land record seizures, denial of operations, personal attacks and now, even whole families placed in jail without due process. Under such oppression, those persecuted remain faithful, prayerful, and expectant of God’s faithfulness and mercy. They know their lives are in His hands and that others like them need to see that suffering for Christ results in a greater victory and more powerful impact. After 11 long days and nights, the pastors and families have been released, after long hours of prayers and leaders petitioning local authorities!

WPS is committed to our Indian church family as we continue to see their empowerment to fulfill the vision and calling to reach the 1.3 billion in dire need of Christ. Through our partnership, the persecuted Church is strengthened and equipped with vital trainings and specific resources that keep them engaged in the Kingdom tasks for the glory of God!

Would you, among all things, please pray for our brothers, sisters and their children who face such life and death situations? Then, as God prompts, offer resources toward sustaining our partnership for the continued evangelism, poverty alleviation and leadership building of India’s persecuted Church? We thank God for you, for your commitment, your vision and valued partnership with us for those who are suffering!