Country Overview

Capital Population Religion Economic
Christian Evangelical Islam HDI Rank GDP Per Capita
Nairobi 47,139,000 76.7% 43.96% 11% 146 of 188 $1,434

Gaining independence from the UK in 1963, Kenya’s recent history has been considerably more stable than many of its neighbor countries. Yet, in recent years terrorism has been a major security issue, often spilling over from Somalia, its northern neighbor.

Thoroughly picturesque, Kenya often epitomizes Africa to the outside world with its vast pastoral landscapes, savannas and wildlife. Each year, thousands of tourists embark upon the country in the hopes of seeing Africa’s “big 5” game animals, which along with its lucrative tea and coffee trades brings considerable income to the country. Unfortunately, few in the lowest income brackets experience the benefits of this wealth as poverty-mindsets, corruption, and access to healthcare and education are barriers to betterment. 42% of Kenya’s population lives below the poverty line.

While Kenya has a very high percentage of practicing Christians, traditional animist worldviews deeply ingrained in local cultures, have hampered the faith of many.

Program Overview

Location Reach Setting Program Started
Nairobi 5 Communities Urban 2016

Program Impact

An estimated 60-70% of Nairobi’s 3,1 million residents live in the city’s vast urban slums. A newly established initiative, we are in the early stages of training pastors and churches to begin development programs in the slum communities they call home. Already we are seeing good initial results. In several communities, parents have begun supporting their local Christian schools, bettering the quality of their children’s education. One community, on the outskirts of a garbage dump, has begun a program that pays local at-risk youth for street cleaning, and one pastor has collaborated with the women in his community to start a savings and credit association that helps the women save up for rainy days and small business start-up cost.


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