Anticipating God's Work in the New Year | World Challenge

Anticipating God's Work in the New Year

Gary Wilkerson
January 20, 2020

The Holy Spirit is always on the move, and he is reviving church leaders around the world in astonishing ways that will shake the nations.

Dear friends and fellow believers, God has opened the door for us to bring transformation to churches around the world.

Our last conference was in the Philippines with over 4,000 pastors. The final evening ended with such joy. Pastors were jumping in the air with hands raised to heaven and tears flowing down their faces. They had entered downcast, weary and worn; they left with new fire. They had been changed, their hearts filled with new courage and faith.

They reported miracles and said the messages brought them new hope for a future filled with abundant blessings. They told me they had never seen such unity in the history of this nation. They had never seen God move so powerfully.

Leaders of the Nations

This was just the latest of hundreds of World Challenge pastors conferences that have ministered life and hope to over 100,000 pastors and leaders in more than 70 countries.

Over the years, we’ve led conferences from Armenia to Zambia, from South America to Australia. I believe that as pastors are built up in their most holy faith, they can touch cities, nations and the world. They are the hope of our homelands; as the pastors go, so go the nations. When God wants to do a great work in a country, he raises up leaders whom he can work through in mighty ways.

We can help them become the world changers that God has called them to be.

Join Us in Prayer

I ask you to pray for us as we increase our vision and our mission to pastors around the world. We are going to at least eight international cities this year, and we are also responding to open doors for conferences in the United States.

Hungary – March 6-8
Spain – March 11-12
France – April 8-13
Switzerland – May 29-31
Bulgaria – June 5-6
Croatia – September 18-19
Austria – September 25-26
Jacksonville, U.S. – October 20th
Egypt – October 21-24
Gabon – November 16-18

We believe God will open the door for even more. I also ask you to continue your generous support so we can go and give to these precious men and women of God. These are incredible opportunities to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and at home.