World Poverty Solutions President Gary Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson began wrestling with a real problem 10 years ago. The missions works he was involved with, although helping the poorest of the poor with very real needs, didn’t change the root issues that kept people impoverished. From that time he began searching for ways to address the root cause of poverty. World Poverty Solutions was the answer to Gary’s many years of prayer and planning and is a way to share God’s love through lasting change. Gary serves as the President of World Poverty Solutions and World Challenge, Inc. He is an author, conference speaker and the Founding Pastor of Springs Church in Colorado Springs. In his free time, he likes to hike in beautiful Colorado Springs and spend time with his beautiful wife, Kelly and their children and grandchildren.
World Poverty Solutions Executive Director Steve Helms
Steve Helms
Executive Director
Steve has always had a passion for sharing the gospel with others. Having followed the ministry of David Wilkerson for many years, he relishes the opportunity to carry the work forward to a new generation. Prior to joining World Challenge and World Poverty Solutions, Steve spent 35 years in the corporate arena, retiring as an executive at the Mars Company, in 2009 and later starting a consulting firm. As our Executive Director, Steve is focused on ensuring that World Poverty Solutions’ goals of sharing God’s love in word and action is done effectively and with integrity. A native of Columbus, GA, Steve and his wife Tricia now reside in Colorado Springs. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with his sons and grandchildren.
World Poverty Solutions Senior Missions Director Keith Holloway
Keith Holloway
Senior Missions Director
A longing to serve God and reach lost humanity drew Keith to ministry. Since partnering with World Challenge, Keith has increasingly focused on reaching the truly poor in developing countries. During frequent trips to impoverished communities, Keith saw how quick, temporary fixes often were applied when genuine transformation was needed. Through the guidance of our president, Gary Wilkerson, Keith began to explore the wholistic ministry approach that today is the foundation of our global ministry. As our Senior Missions Director, Keith oversees our missions staff, and directs all World Poverty Solutions work globally. Keith is a CHE trainer and facilitator, an ordained minister, and also the founder of Discovery Club Inner City Ministry in San Francisco. A native of Little Rock, AR, Keith and his wife Maureen, live in Colorado Springs. He has six adult children, seven grandchildren, and enjoys reading, Formula 1 racing, and watching baseball in his free time.
World Poverty Solutions Operations Coordinator Maureen Holloway
Maureen Holloway
Operations Coordinator
Maureen has been involved in missions ever since she became a committed believer. During her 23-year career in the corporate arena, she spent countless vacations serving in missions—both home and abroad. Her marriage to our Senior Missions Director, Keith, presented new opportunities to shift her focus entirely towards the cause of the poor. Since joining World Challenge in 2007, Maureen has experienced how wholistic ministry can break the cycle of both spiritual and physical poverty, and enjoys a role that allows her to be part of the transformational process. As our Operations Coordinator, Maureen works closely with our Director. Originally from Guyana, Maureen lives with her husband Keith in Colorado Springs. She enjoys reading, cooking and shopping in her spare time.
World Poverty Solutions International Missions Coordinator Andreas Steffensen
Andreas Steffensen
Regional Director, Africa & Europe

Inspired by stories of his parents’ past as missionaries, Andreas has felt a deep connection to world missions his whole life. As an 18-year-old in his native Copenhagen, Denmark, Andreas one day prayed for God’s direction, and just hours later was challenged to enter the missions field. Twenty years, and 36 countries later, his passion for reaching the poorest of the poor with the gospel continues to grow. Andreas works as the Regional Director for Africa and Europe at World Poverty Solutions, helping communities around the world progress spiritually and physically while achieving greater independence. He lives with his wife Sarah, and children Helena and Sam, in Colorado Springs, and spends much of his free time renovating their house.
World Poverty Solutions Domestic Missions Director Sarah Steffensen
Sarah Steffensen
Domestic Missions Director

Desiring to see people experience God in a loving, relational way drew Sarah to ministry work. Before joining World Poverty Solutions in 2016, Sarah spent a decade reaching local communities, founding 2 church-based afterschool programs that ministers to children and families from all walks of life. In her role as our Domestic Missions Director, Sarah is working with low-income communities to develop their capacity, discover opportunities and resources, and strengthen their walk with God. She’s excited to be part of a diverse team that is reaching the poor all across the globe. Sarah is married to Andreas, our Regional Director for Africa and Europe. They reside in Colorado Springs with their children, Helena and Sam. When not at work, Sarah enjoys engineering sound at church or finding ways to convince her husband to buy her a sailboat.
Ben Demblowski
International Missions Coordinator
Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ben moved to Colorado Springs after experiencing a strong prompting from God. He has spent the last nine years serving in various leadership and team-building roles in the corporate environment. In addition, he has volunteered in diverse ministry settings that included outreach, church planting and serving as an assistant pastor for City Reach Church in Pittsburgh. After making the life changing decision to give his life to Jesus in 2007, he has a God given desire to see others set free from deception and addiction. He is looking forward to working with WPS to bring spiritual and physical change to those who are underprivileged and underserved through the life saving grace and love of Jesus Christ. In his free time, Ben enjoys playing chess, hiking and spending time with friends and church family.
Steve Otradovec
Regional Director, Southeast Asia
Steve grew up in a small town in central Missouri where his greatest cross-cultural exposure was eating sweet and sour chicken at the local Chinese restaurant. He moved to Kansas City to attend university, and within the span of a year, Steve met an immigrant who introduced him to Christ. He soon met his wife Lucy, who he has been married to for 21 years, and they have two incredible daughters, Hannah and Autumn. While working in the biotech industry for 14 years, God cultivated a dream of working as missionaries overseas. In 2012, God opened a door for them to move to Cambodia, where Steve discipled young Cambodian men, taught English, and volunteered with an organization that was teaching job skills to women. After about 3 years, they moved back to America and decided to follow another dream of living in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors.