Meeting the Crisis Needs of America’s Poor

Meeting the Crisis Needs of America’s Poor

Gary Wilkerson – October 24, 2016

45.3 million people live in poverty. I’m not talking about Congo, Cambodia or Haiti—I’m referring to 45.3 million impoverished Americans. 1 in every 5 children in the U.S. lives below the poverty line. And hunger is increasing in rural areas as well as urban centers.

Our cities face other crises of all kinds. Recently in Huntington, West Virginia, there were 27 heroin overdoses in just four hours’ time. Racial tensions are escalating everywhere. And violence is spiking. In Chicago there were 500 homicides by Labor Day; projections say this will be the city’s deadliest year in a decade.

World Challenge exports love, concern and mercy to the poor around the globe, yet we recognize the epidemics at home. From our earliest days—when David Wilkerson left rural Pennsylvania to bring Christ’s good news to urban issues of gang warfare and drug addiction—we’ve followed God’s call to make a difference in America. From the humble Brooklyn Teen Challenge to centers across the U.S., we’ve seen Jesus free tens of thousands of people struggling with addictions. And over six decades we’ve conducted inner-city evangelism from coast to coast, seeing God’s love transform countless lives.

At World Poverty Solutions (WPS) our mission statement calls us to “bring poverty solutions within reach of every poor community around the world.” This may include Ferguson, Missouri, and rural Mississippi, or Chicago and Detroit, as well as communities on other continents. Through our long-term involvement with churches, we’re partnering to see God do the miraculous—to see souls saved, churches come alive, and the poor receive the gospel in fullness. The same gospel power that has revived communities in international villages—with people receiving education, obtaining jobs, and learning new skills to advance in life—can happen at home as well.

If you or your church are stirred by the plight of the poor and needy, simply use our contact form to get in touch with us. 100% of every donation to WPS goes directly to help make this mission a reality. To donate, please use our secure online donation form. Thank you for helping launch this newest outreach to demonstrate Christ’s love to the poor, needy and hurting in our nation.