Ministering God’s Care in Word and Deed

Ministering God’s Care in Word and Deed

Gary Wilkerson – March 3, 2014

Our missions directors at World Poverty Solutions have a lot of territory to cover. The Lord continues to open doors for us to meet needs in more communities around the world. This means our directors are rarely able to spend extended time in one place. They get just a brief taste of the joy and blessings that occur in poor communities now benefiting from clean water, improved hygiene and better farming practices.

A recent trip taken by Keith and Maureen Holloway was different. They spent three months in Cambodia, traveling over bumpy roads to remote villages where ten pastors supported by World Poverty Solutions minister faithfully. These pastors received training, learning not just the Bible and theology but God’s concern for the whole person. This includes spiritual and physical health practices as well as social and economic impact—all vital areas touching a villager’s life.

In just three years, these ministers have started works in forty-three villages, where they pastor churches and conduct Bible studies. Their messages of God’s care range from salvation and a moral lifestyle to cleanliness and productivity. The amazing fruit of their labors was apparent to Keith and Maureen. They were overjoyed to see villages once marked by poverty and hopelessness now thriving in industry and unity. For the first time, local believers saw Christ’s gospel expressed in both word and deed. And because churches were the catalysts for these changes, they had become more relevant than ever within their communities.

Pastor Sambath

In Kampong Chhnang Province, Pastor Sambath’s impact reaches well beyond his church. He has developed a fish pond, a fruit orchard and a garden and also raises farm animals. These provide sustenance and income both for his family and for others in the community. His blessed industriousness gives him ample opportunity to share Christ with fellow villagers. Now he is taking his whole-care ministry to nine other villages.

Through World Poverty Solutions’ all inclusive approach to the gospel, village life in Cambodia is improving. Local economies are growing. Villagers are healthier. And pastors are gaining new respect in their communities. Through your prayers and support, lives are being changed in the most practical ways, as God’s caring love reaches the most remote areas of the globe.