Miracles in the Mountains of El Salvador

Miracles in the Mountains of El Salvador

Gary Wilkerson – April 26, 2010

A classic hymn declares, “How wonderful, how marvelous is my Savior’s love for me.” The poorest of the poor in the remote mountain villages of El Salvador are able to sing this testimony with confidence and personal experience. They sing of their lives being literally saved—saved from the ravages of disease, saved from hopeless poverty, and saved for eternity by salvation in Christ.

When World Poverty Solutions entered this region’s villages for the first time with our local partner, we encountered a broken, needy people. The majority of the population faced hunger and sickness. They had endured massive flooding and even a major earthquake. With very few churches in the area, they had little practical knowledge of Jesus and little hope for their plight.

World Poverty Solutions was able to step in with help, offering hope through the gospel of Christ and bringing short-term aid in the form of food and clean water, in conjunction with longterm practical life training.

Today we joyfully report the following advances:

  • Typically, more than 100 children died at birth each year. That figure has been reduced to four per year.
  • Only 1% of the village populations had clean water, leading to sickness and in some cases death. Now 79% of the people have direct access to clean water.
  • Over 50 people in the village of Abelines have come to Christ.

In an area where there was very limited church presence, there are now nine churches reaching out to the people with Christ’s love, and growing!

Some of the churches have seen 75–133% growth as new believers are added to their number.

More Than Statistics

Of course, there is much more happening in this region that statistics can’t describe. Jesus is transforming lives, families, churches and even entire communities. People are telling of how Jesus has brought hope, life and salvation to their families. Pastors who were discouraged and ready to give up have been infused with new faith. Now they are powerfully proclaiming and spreading the gospel.

Faith is at an All-Time High

Local pastors have asked us to join them in a vision to positively impact 500 of the poorest families. By strategically assisting in improving environmental hygiene, increasing crop production, starting small farms and clean water initiatives, up to 40,000 more people will face a brighter future.

Agriculture project in El Salvador

Agriculture projects to help alleviate poverty in El Salvador

Thank You For Making Miracles a Reality

I am continually amazed at the great things God can do. In such a short time, so many lives have been touched in an place that had lost all hope. Isaiah 58 tells us that when we pour ourselves out for the hungry, hurting and oppressed, God causes us to be a well-watered garden that never lacks. Thank you for making these miracles a reality for the mountain people of this God-beloved nation.