A New Way of Orphan Care

A New Way of Orphan Care

Gary Wilkerson – July 11, 2016

Losing their parents is tragic enough. But orphans then face a second trauma. They’re taken to an unfamiliar place — an orphanage — where they don’t know anyone. Often they’re cared for by workers whose best efforts are stretched thin by overwhelming needs.

Our ministry will always support orphanages, especially where war or disaster has left so many kids without parents. But even the most loving orphanage can’t provide what only a family can. That’s why World Poverty Solutions (WPS) endeavors to provide a better way. Our orphan care program directly involves the local church and Christian families—and the results have amazed us.

A Loving Christian Family

In Cambodia alone, WPS has placed 77 orphans in Christian homes over the past year and a half. We do this by working through local churches, which organize volunteer families and help to find surviving relatives. Through this approach, orphaned kids—ages 2 to 18—are given a stable, loving environment where they can thrive. If they have siblings, they’re always kept together.

This is able to happen through a small upfront investment. Just $20 a month provides an orphaned child with safety from vulnerability, basic medical care, a consistent education, vocational training for older children, and a bright future. Even better, children get to stay in the community they know. Their home life reminds them of God’s loving care. And they learn the skills of their community, such as farming or fishing. All these blessings remind them they belong.

Kev Yamin an orphan in Cambodia

Meet Kev Yamin. She is just one of the Cambodian orphans you help have a better life when you donate to World Poverty Solutions.

Oversight and Training

Meanwhile, volunteer families are helped by local church teams, which visit regularly. The teams
offer mentoring, help with budgeting, training in health and diet, and biblical teaching to improve all of life. As a family’s well-being improves and they become fully self-sufficient, financial support can end within two years.

Many of these volunteer families are church leaders, from pastors to elders to lay people. I grew up in a ministry family, and I know the great influence it had on my calling as a pastor. I believe many of these orphans will become evangelists with a huge impact for Jesus. That’s important especially in Southeast Asia, where Christianity is largely resisted and vast populations are unreached by the gospel.

At World Poverty Solutions we give thanks to Jesus as we see children thriving again. Would you consider supporting WPS monthly to help expand our mission to find homes for orphans throughout the world? If you’d like to help you can donate via our secure donation form. 100% of your gift goes directly to the work in these locations. Your monthly gift can make a huge difference in shaping one orphaned child’s future!