Offering Hope and Freedom in Bangladesh

Offering Hope and Freedom in Bangladesh

Steve Otradovec – April 28, 2017

Baby Care Groups Reach Many with Gospel Love

Rupa has hope, but it wasn’t always that way for her. She’s one of six daughters from a Bangladeshi family. In impoverished nations like this one, a family with many mouths to feed can face hard decisions just to survive. That’s why Rupa’s parents decided to give her away in marriage at a very early age.

Rupa’s childhood was abrubtly cut short by the responsibilities of marriage. Worse, when she failed to get pregnant, her husband began to abuse her. Rupa began to despair of life.

For the benefit of women just like Rupa, World Poverty Solutions is partnering with more than 30 Christian women to be community health evangelists in Dhaka, Rupa’s hometown. Leaders have established 21 baby-care groups there with more to come online. The groups connect young mothers and mothers-to-be, providing relational support as well as practical teaching on health and well-being for families and biblical truth.

One program the leaders encourage are savings funds among the baby-care groups. By having these savings funds available to each group member, families are spared the financial devastation of medical emergencies. Some baby-care groups have also started income-generating projects, such as cauliflower gardens.

Things began changing for Rupa when she learned of a baby-care group near her home. She was attracted by the practical training it offered, and was intrigued by Bible stories she heard for the first time. Soon after joining, Rupa decided to visit a local Christian fellowship where she heard more about the fascinating man Jesus. People there testified of how he had healed their lives. Rupa wanted that, too—and after requesting prayer, the Holy Spirit fell on her, and she cried out to God. A deep peace saturated her spirit, and she felt physically renewed.

Now, Rupa approaches every day with hope rather than despair and she has social support from her loving baby-care group. We’re thankful to Jesus for bringing freedom to oppressed women like Rupa, and breaking the power of darkness over many in her situation. She now stands among others who are convinced that everything is indeed possible with Jesus.