Taking a Wholistic Approach
We call our process KNOW > GO > GROW.



It’s our core conviction to get to KNOW the local leaders who invite us to help. These are usually pastors, church leaders or Christian lay people in the community. As we sit with them, we see their care for the people. We hear their desire for transforming their community. We get to know their hearts, and they get to know ours, in a genuine relationship. Their passion becomes our passion.



Our next step is to GO with these leaders into their community. Again, we sit with people to listen to their needs. Then, together, we assess their opportunities for change. As we talk, we encourage the people to look around at the resources that can help make change possible. We don’t arrive with ideas to impose. Instead, we encourage the people to find the best solutions for their community. Most often, those solutions and resources are already within their grasp.



Finally, the people GROW in empowerment. We offer them practical training that honors their abilities—and they grow in their understanding and influence. They put into practice the solutions they learn—and their efforts grow in impact. The knowledge they gain is practical and helpful, making it easy to share with others. Soon the number of people benefiting grows, as knowledge spreads through the community and beyond.

Know > Go > Grow

We’re seeing this process transform lives and communities in nation after nation. It’s a simple and compassionate way to change the destinies of even those in extreme poverty. And it’s cost-efficient. Our unique funding structure allows 100% of every donation to go directly to the on-site processes of Know > Go > Grow.

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