What is World Poverty Solutions?

Only our name is new. We’ve actually been around since 1971. That’s when our parent organization, World Challenge, was founded by David Wilkerson. In the 1960s, David started receiving invitations to visit other countries on the fame of his book The Cross and the Switchblade. During those travels, he saw people crushed under the weight of overwhelming poverty. David worked tirelessly over the years to help relieve their burdens, supporting charitable outreaches and founding others. Since that time, World Challenge has served 260 communities with missions in 60 nations.

In recent years, our perspective has shifted. We saw the need for a wholistic, biblically based program to end the chronic poverty that perpetuates cycles of despair. We wanted to bring to the poor more than aid—to offer them instead a new, living, lasting hope. World Poverty Solutions is the culmination of that program. Drawing on biblical principles about God’s caring provision, we’ve changed our methods. Now our focus is less on relief efforts and more on training that prevents and eliminates poverty. As World Poverty Solutions, we’ve combined the historical efforts of World Challenge missions—feeding programs, orphan care, disaster relief, and other charitable works—under one wholistic banner. And we’ve refocused our mission to one clear goal: to end extreme poverty among unreached and marginalized people in developing nations and the US.

World Poverty Solutions exists to bring hope where there is none. We want to see broken people restored to hopeful self-sufficiency by breaking poverty’s chains in every realm of living. And our role is simple. It’s to assist in their self-discovery of God’s presence among them and his provision for them. Already our time-proven practices—in areas of health and hygiene, clean water and sanitation, agricultural efficiency, and Christ-centered teaching for the whole of life—are renewing hope for many. We hope you’ll join us to help make it happen for thousands more.