Country Overview

Capital Population Religion Economic
Christian Evangelical Islam HDI Rank GDP Per Capita
Manila 102,100,000 91.0% 12.2% 4% 116 of 188 $2,863

The Philippines is situated in South East Asia, spanning across some 7,250 islands. The country boasts a tropical climate, picturesque coastlines and a mountainous interior with 23 active volcanoes. Home to more than 100 million people, the Philippines has more Christians per capita than any other Asian country, and is the only decidedly Christian country in Asia. Being located in the South China Sea makes the Philippines very susceptible to major storms, and earthquakes. As recently as November 2013 a major typhoon caused incredible devastation and carnage throughout much of the central regions of the country.

Once the second wealthiest country in Asia after Japan, poor economic decisions and political unrest set the nation on a rapid decline, but in recent years the economy has regained some of its strength. Poverty remains widespread, with 25% of the population living below the poverty line. Many of the poor find themselves living in the makeshift shantytowns of the major cities, often near garbage dumpsites, where they collect and sell recycled materials for a living. Others, in more rural settings, struggle to farm their land and provide balanced diets for their children.

Program Overview

Location Reach Setting Program Started
Nationwide 32 Communities Rural and Urban 2011

Program Impact

  • In rural settings, trainings have yielded better agriculture, healthier livestock, and carefully planned kitchen gardens that all help community members provide more bountiful harvests for their families.
  • In urban settings, livelihood programs that teach skills based on local needs and available resources have been successful.
  • Dietary health evaluations help parents understand what is lacking in their diets, and suggests solutions to remedy the lack.
  • Health and hygiene education teaches parents steps to prevent common diseases like cholera, and malaria.
  • Child Focused Risk Reduction (CFFR), helps parents identify a broad range of risks to community children, and teaches steps to minimize them.
  • Many communities driven Bible study groups have been established.


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