Prayer for Our Persecuted Christian Partners in Southeast Asia

Prayer for Our Persecuted Christian Partners in Southeast Asia

Christopher R. Wigginton – August 9, 2016

We recently received the following update from one of our partners working in a restricted country in Southeast Asia. Please keep them in your prayers.

There is a new believer who accepted Christ about three months ago. He has been attending a local church every Sunday. One day on the way back to his hometown he took two bags of gospel tracts with him. He is on fire for Jesus and shares the gospel with everybody. On the bus ride home, he gave gospel tracts to all of the passengers and also to the bus driver.

Before reaching his hometown, he stopped and visited a friend to give her a bag of gospel tracts. When he got to his hometown, he continued distributing the gospel tracts to everyone he knew and also to villagers.

Later on the police heard what he was doing, so they took him in for questioning. They asked him, “Where did you get the gospel tracts? Who told you to distribute them?” and other questions. Right now he still in prison.

After he was imprisoned, his friend came to visit, and the police started asking her questions as well. “What is your name? Where are you from? How do you know this man?” The police also asked her if he had given her a bag tracts. She replied, “Yes.” The police then went to her house to check her story. When the police found the bag of gospel tracts in her house, they put her in the prison too.

Right now the two of them are still in prison and we do not know the situation yet. If any thing changes we will let you know.