Privacy Policy | World Challenge

Privacy Policy

World Challenge has enacted a privacy statement and policy to ensure the privacy of our visitors’ personal information.

We are committed to excellence in the stewardship of personal and financial identity relayed through interaction on our website, store and email for our patrons. World Challenge has not and will not rent, sell or exchange the information of patrons.

World Challenge websites utilize “cookies” which enable us to determine when a visitor returns to our pages in order to know how often people visit us, when they have returned and what site they previously came from. This helps us to understand demographic information about our visitors.

World Challenge utilizes security encryption (SSL) to further protect visitor’s purchase and donation information including name, address and credit card data. This data collection is for the specific use of the transaction the user has committed to by choosing the “Purchase” button in these site areas. These sites also use a user id and password unique for each patron, for creating secure transactions.


World Challenge maintains an “opt-out” policy for visitors who have signed up for automatic email correspondence allowing you to discontinue this service. You may contact us online using our contact form or by calling 719-488-7888 and we will remove your name and email address from our distribution list.

Changes to this Policy

World Challenge reserves the right to modify this privacy policy without advance notice.