Prospering in Soul and Health

Prospering in Soul and Health

By Millicent Anyang Agutu – March 19, 2018

Community-Wide Transformation in a Massive Kenyan Slum

This was no chance encounter. We were ministering in one of the world’s largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya, when our team “bumped into” two amazing, influential women. Now hundreds of these women’s neighbors are seeing their lives powerfully transformed.

Evelyn and Violet had devoted long hours to helping their community in the vast Kawangware slum. For years, the pair worked tirelessly in several programs to alleviate their neighbors’ suffering, through counseling, assisting the sick, and feeding children whose parents were too ill to provide for them.

Yet despite the women’s best efforts, the community’s needs grew. Year after year, they saw their neighbors sink deeper into poverty and ill health. So, we invited Evelyn and Violet to attend our biblically based wholistic trainings. The two women soaked up ways to prevent community problems before they happen.

Now, instead of spending time treating sickness, Evelyn and Violet teach proper health and hygiene, with better counsel for preventing medical issues. And instead of helping families in economic turmoil, they teach self-sufficiency through training in how to start simple microbusinesses. In addition, they encourage local savings-and-loans groups, and several have started in the neighborhood with many participants.

Best of all, World Challenge team members present Evelyn’s and Violet’s neighbors with the gospel. Person after person has opened their heart to Jesus because of the practical care they’re shown and the freedom they enjoy from the basic training they’re given.

Since 2016, World Poverty Solutions—a ministry of World Challenge—has brought Christ-centered development to impoverished towns and villages worldwide. With God’s continued favor and your support, WPS will see more stories like Evelyn’s and Violet’s multiplied in impoverished communities around the globe, fulfilling the Scripture, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2:2).

Thank you for helping us continue to spread Christ’s gospel through prayer, acts of compassion, and soul-winning. Please prayerfully consider a financial gift that will enable us to continue to expand life-saving missions such as this. May you continue to be richly blessed through your giving!

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