Seeds Sprouting to Life in Downtrodden Haiti

Seeds Sprouting to Life in Downtrodden Haiti

Ben Demblowski – September 18, 2017

Empowering the Hopeless through Practical Gospel Truth

Flying over Cap Haitien, Haiti on a clear blue day, a visitor looks down thinking he beholds paradise. Below are lush green landscapes with beautiful beige coastlines and gorgeous views of effortlessly cascading mountains.

But on the ground, the scene is much different. Cap Haitien’s streets are crowded with people, cars and garbage. Outside the airport is a small mountain of trash that stretches as far as the eye can see. Shifts in the ocean breeze create an overwhelming stench of rotting waste and sewage.

In reality, Haiti is a country of people desperately hungry for the basic necessities of life. More than 40 percent of adults are unemployed, and over half the population lives below the poverty line, earning less than $750 per year.

Yet amid these bleak surroundings and living conditions, a group of men and women brim with hope. For the past seven years, World Poverty Solutions (WPS) has partnered with Christian leaders in Cap Haitien and 87 surrounding communities. Offering education in health and diet, economic well-being and spiritual growth, WPS recently led sessions for 29 dedicated leaders. In turn, these selfless, hardworking servants equip, train and send out volunteers to spread seeds of practical and spiritual knowledge that is changing lives.

The seeds are taking root and producing fruit, in individual lives and throughout communities. One leader took what he learned to a young women’s orphanage, where he taught overseers how to purify water for drinking. Another community member has learned how to make jellies and marmalades from fruit he used to let rot on the side of his house; now he has started his own micro-business selling fresh jarfuls. Several villages created mutual saving groups, helping their communities accumulate money to supply loans and help neighbors in times of financial distress.

Although there are many problems at a ground level, God sees Haiti much as a visitor does from a plane above: as a beautiful land brimming with potential—a place filled with people waiting to be released to glorify his name.

With your help, Jesus is sparking hope in Haitians and changing their lives. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. If you would like to give, please use our secure online donation form. Your gifts are multiplying eternal fruit in a country ripe with the hope of life!