Showing God’s Love in Practical and Caring Ways

Showing God’s Love in Practical and Caring Ways

Gary Wilkerson – September 16, 2014

Throughout the developing world, villages large and small are enjoying better health, improved living conditions and a decrease in poverty. Local churches are the catalysts for these wholistic blessings. World Poverty Solutions empowers churches to minister to their neighbors in all areas of life. Our training programs proclaim God’s love by addressing physical, spiritual, economic and environmental needs. Nowhere is this gospel impact more visible than in Uganda.

Pastors Trained to Improve the Lives of Their Congregants and Communities

Dozens of Ugandan ministers gather for our Pastors for Change trainings every three months. The leaders are trained in areas of church and family matters—theology, discipleship, administration and basic health and financial practices. Encouraged, pastors return to their villages with vital principles that will improve the daily lives of their congregants and in turn their communities.

Recognizing the Natural Ways in Which God Cares

In Agali Sub County, church members receive an improved species of banana sucker seedlings to plant and grow in order to supplement their diet and income. These Christians then share their planting materials with their neighbors. Farmers also receive practical training in parasite control, beekeeping basics and disease prevention in livestock. Tree preservation for the conservation of the environment is also taught. In the past four months, 53,000 tree seedlings have been planted in various Ugandan communities, in an effort to improve the villagers’ future means of income generation.

By educating and changing mindsets, many unhealthy practices and myths have been addressed, such as “whoever eats vegetables is the poorest family.” Such belief has led to generational malnutrition in children, adults and the elderly. Villagers are now open to increased vegetable growth and nutrient-dense varieties. The decrease in poverty and disease and the increase in health and income allow villagers to recognize the natural ways in which God cares for them.

The Church is Building Trust within the Community

These natural blessings have led to spiritual trust. Consider Brenda, a 13-year-old girl, who earlier this year became mentally unstable. Though concerned, the community was unable to provide her with help. Our partner’s ministry team was invited to pray for Brenda, two other girls who developed the same condition and their families. In the presence of 300 locals and government officials our team prayed and the girls were delivered instantly. Peace was restored to the families and the pastor presented the gospel message to the gathering.

These are exciting times in Agali, Uganda! Churches are being planted and recently 123 people were baptized. Thanks to your prayers and support, God’s love is being shown in practical and caring ways through World Poverty Solutions.