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Uganda’s Steadfast Mother

Rachel Chimits
March 8, 2019

After twelve years of suffering, one women's life was redeemed and renovated by God, and she became a community leader.

The Second Congo War was one of the deadliest conflicts worldwide since World War II, and its impact has rippled through Africa long after its official end in 2003.

Although the war was technically centered around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many other east African countries felt the shock waves in the forms of desperate famine and economic depression, including Uganda.

Rebuilding Communities in the Philippines

Rachel Chimits
March 6, 2019

God restored one man’s heart and give him the strength to not only dream again for his community but also take action.

As the Philippines prepare for their elections, their police forces are also gearing up to deal with riots and gun violence that have erupted during the last two elections.

Thanks to gang wars, drug running and terrorist groups, the Philippines deal with twice as much gun violence as the United States. A national cry is rising for the government to deal with the corruption and resulting deaths.

Others feel as if it’s no good trying to fight against the seemingly overwhelming wave of violence. 

Mongolia: A New Spiritual Frontier

Steve Otradovec
February 18, 2019

Mongolia may be often forgotten by the outside world, but its believers are crying out for the Holy Spirit to sweep their country like a powerful wind.

A Deep Darkness

During the World Challenge team’s time in Mongolia, we started discussing how deep-rooted cultural beliefs impact behavior with our new Mongolian friends.

A member spoke up. “Here it’s believed that men shouldn’t show any emotional ‘weakness.’ Boys are taught to repress their emotions, which often leads to unhealthy relationships later in life.”

Tactics for Pastors Battling Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

Rachel Chimits
February 11, 2019
Man sitting on steps with face in his hands

We are posting this article on behalf of the recent events that took place at Real Life Church in California. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Jim Howard’s family and church who lost him to suicide after a long battle with mental illness.

There’s a saying in ministry, “Higher levels, higher devils.”

Gary Wilkerson, president of World Challenge, even stated, “I believe there’s more depression in America’s pastoral ministry than in other countries I visit.”

Hope for Northern Uganda

Rachel Chimits
February 25, 2019

A Bible school’s inspiration to bring relief to their community is bringing people to God.

Would you be surprised to learn that in 2017 Uganda hosted more refugees than any other country in Africa

1.3 million people fled their homes in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo into the fertile and relatively stable Uganda. While this solved the immediate danger to those refugees’ lives from militant groups and famine, it created a massive food shortage in Northern Uganda. 

To make matters worse, Uganda’s most prominent food crops, matoke and posho, are not very vitamin-rich. Malnutrition has begun spreading across the country.