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The God Who Cares

Steve Otradovec
January 25, 2019

“Evangelism without social action is irrelevant to human need, and social action without evangelism is flowers without fruit.” —Dr. Gordon Moyes

In a Northern village of Cambodia, not far from the Thai border, the World Challenge poverty solutions team was at work to change people’s perception of the gospel. 

In this training, the team emphasized that God’s word offers life-changing solutions to real-life situations and challenges. 

Kimhourn, a young farmer in the area with a strong work ethic, was at the meeting and listening intently. He’d been vocal about his struggles to raise healthy chickens that were a key source of protein for his family. "Many of my chickens die every season,” he lamented. “I'm really upset because I don't know why.”

Rescued from a Congo Hospital

Rachel Chimits
January 30, 2019

God reached one woman through the grace and love of a church.

Wracked by a devastating war in 1998, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are still recovering in many ways, healing that has been delayed by corrupt government and militant groups.

About 63 percent of the DRC’s population lives below the poverty line, despite the country’s wealth of natural resources. To make matters worse, the country has been afflicted by several Ebola outbreaks in the last year, some even as recent as this last December. 

Heavy reliance on government and outside subsidizes has continued to undercut many of the Congolese people. 

A Mother in Need 

At the northeast end of DRC, in Beni’s Ndindi district, World Challenge’s partners are working to help the community become more self-sufficient. 

The Wisdom of Ages in India

Rachel Chimits
January 29, 2019

As one woman in India learns about God, her entire village is changing. 

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance, to understand a proverb and a saying, the words of the wise and their riddles. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge...” (Proverbs 1:5-7a ESV)

It’s easy sometimes to forget how many scientific and medical advances were the work of men and women who were seeking God and the pattern of his fingerprints in nature and our own bodies.

How easily we can lose sight of the almighty God behind technology and intellectual institutions. 

Similarly, people who have come to know Christ from another religion have not always followed the thread of their new faith into the ordinary, everyday aspects of their lives. 

Becoming India's "Untouchable" and Beloved

Rachel Chimits
January 24, 2019

Freedom led to an act of kindness that brought a community together in the most unexpected way.

Hinduism has approximately 33 million gods, and nearly every aspect of nature or people’s life has a god or goddess associated with it. 

In addition to nitya, daily mantras and offerings, good Hindus must observe naimittika, festivals that require special offerings or observances. As a family experiences trouble or someone becomes ill, kamya are costly demonstrations of faith—a pilgrimage to special shrines or bathing in the Ganges River—to garner good favor with specific gods. 

Blerta Kamberi: Loving Albania

Rachel Chimits
January 10, 2019

God is raising up leaders to help heal his people in the Balkans.

Loving society’s most marginalized can often feel like an overwhelming task, but for Blerta Kamberi, it has become her heart’s desire and her full-time job. 

Blerta is a leader of CHE Albania, one of World Challenge’s ministry partners in the Balkans, and she focuses on serving the Roma community, sometimes called gypsies. 

How did you become involved in ministry?

During my college studies I was always praying for my future job, wondering where I would go. I trusted God had the right one ready for me. 

When I graduated, Fida—a Finnish NGO (non-government organization or non-profit)— offered me a job. It worked with my home church in Tirana, so I thought ‘well, why not?’ and took the opportunity.

New Leaders in Uganda

Rachel Chimits
January 3, 2019

God has opened the door for his Word to change the landscape of Uganda.

Three months ago marked Uganda’s 56th independence anniversary, but recently a retired diplomat told Uganda’s Daily Monitor that the country is as troubled as ever by government corruption, tribalism and poverty

While some are crying for new civil servants to improve Uganda’s conditions, others are taking action to spread God’s healing message and train up locals at a grassroots level. 

Incredible Growth

Churches in Uganda are being planted with amazing speed. 

To Write of God’s Love

Natasha Likollari
December 29, 2018

God’s answer to the hidden desire of one Roma woman’s heart.

The Roma community in Europe is often classified as the most economically depressed. Unemployment, untreated medical issues and unforgiving living conditions are constant problems they must face. 

These are not the only obstacles for members of the community. Lack of education and illiteracy is another, particularly for those who have aged out of the school system.

In response to this often unseen community, World Challenge partners with local ministries and churches that are working with the Roma people to find solutions. 

Looking at the Past

In an Albanian Roma community, a girl was getting married. 

Life Transformed

Rachel Chimits
December 27, 2018

Making inroads with a Muslim neighborhood through community classes.

With a population of about 164 million people, Bangladesh is one of the most unreached countries in the world, with 88 percent of people being Sunni Muslims and another 10 percent being Hindu. 

The country’s official state religion is Islam, and although they have laws to uphold religious freedom, cases of harassment and violence toward non-Muslim individuals or organizations are frequently reported.

The potential danger hasn’t stopped World Challenge partners who want to offer relief and education to those caught in desperate poverty.

One partner* describes his experience: 

A Garden of New Life

Rachel Chimits
December 18, 2018

Kenyan believers are learning how God’s healing work spreads to every part of life.

Isiolo is the scene of surprising and hopeful conflict. 

The small town north of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is starting to become a tourist destination. It recently connected to two game reserves in the area, and its airport is now offering international flights. 

The clash in Isiolo is between traditional practices and advances from economic development. Boda bodas, motorcycle taxis, still don’t adhere to most traffic rules despite growing road networks and an increasing population, and Meru elders argue over new names for the Isiolo Airport. 

While traditionalists struggle with the changes their hometown is going through, many residents are opening up to new ways of life.

A Land of Crossroads

Anna Kozlyuk
December 20, 2018

Great opportunities for redemption and growth are opening in the Balkans.

The Balkans are a place where the East meets the West, Islam meets Christianity, Orthodoxy meets Catholicism, and Communism—at one point—met Democracy. 

This area which contains Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, as well as parts of Greece, Turkey and Romania has been a historic crossroads for empires, armies and dictators for centuries. 

War has ripped apart neighborhoods, religion has segregated towns, and politics has split families. Here, there are broken and hurting people that long to be a part of a community...any community.

At World Challenge, we believe that among all of these divisions God can and will bring unity.