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Feet That Carry the Gospel

Rachel Chimits
September 16, 2019

World Challenge partners are working to make sure one very special Cambodian girl can make it through school. 

When Rachana was a baby, her feet were unusually large. Her parents examined them then shrugged. They had no money to take her to a doctor, so like many Cambodian parents, they simply made do as best they could.

A Witchdoctor Comes to Christ

Rachel Chimits
September 17, 2019

India is a land of intense spiritual darkness, but in the midst of this, God is calling out his children to light and new life.

“Shitala” in Sanskrit means “the one who cools,” and among the Hindu gods, she is believed to cure people of skin diseases and fevers, particularly children. Her day of worship comes right after Holi, the festival of love where people are called to forgive others and repair broken relationships.

Escaping the Lord’s Resistance Army

Rachel Chimits
September 12, 2019

One widow remembers her harrowing childhood being taken captive by Uganda’s LRA and then barely surviving a tragic accident in a refugee camp.

How many of you remember the Kony2012 video?

It was a call to action, a cry for us to stop the human rights violations and atrocities that the Lord’s Resistance Army was inflicting on central Africa. In a few days, the video garnered millions of views.

A Cambodian Family in Christ

Rachel Chimits
September 10, 2019

God heard one woman’s prayers for what seemed like an impossible situation with her husband.

The border of Cambodia has known decades of conflict as French colonialists, the kingdom of Siam and the Khmer Rouge swept the whole region like a deadly blaze.

Throughout it all, many people clung to their traditional religion as the last bastion of their culture: Buddhism mixed with ancestor worship and animistic spirits.

From Abandoned to Adored Daughter

Rachel Chimits
September 5, 2019

A young woman trying to find her own freedom instead discovered that she couldn't escape her family's sorrows without God's help.

The Teen Challenge in Eswatini is dedicated to not only helping those struggling with addictions to recover, but also helping them reconnect with their families and children.

Overcoming Strife With Generosity

Rachel Chimits
September 3, 2019

One Filipino church’s rough start in their new community turned out to be a perfect blessing for opening people’s hearts to God’s truth.

World Challenge partners’ work in the Philippines has sought to show people how they can have godly community through education and relationships.

A huge part of this has been helping people see how salvation should affect not only their own lives but also their families and neighborhoods.

Hammer and Nails in God’s Service

Rachel Chimits
August 29, 2019

One man in Nicaragua was stripped of his job only to find an unexpected opportunity to know and serve his God.

At 52 years old, Eduardo’s main focus was providing for his two daughters. He worked in the free trade zone and had labored in a sweat shop for nearly 13 years until he was suddenly let go.

When he asked why, he was told, “Oh, we’re downsizing.”

The Prodigal Son Comes Home

Rachel Chimits
August 27, 2019

After receiving an unexpected and devastating medical verdict, one party boy’s life was completely turned upside down.

Arjun’s parents were believers of God and attended a local church planted by World Challenge’s partners. They were so pious and sure that God loved them that it disgusted Arjun.

New Life on the Mountaintops

Benjamin Demblowski
August 22, 2019

God’s work in Haiti’s remote villages is spreading through local teams and people’s invested interest in new life in Christ.

The Haitian mountainside had to be around 115 degrees when you factor in the heat index. My shirt looked like I had just walked through a thunderstorm downpour, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.