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Uganda’s Steadfast Mother

Rachel Chimits
March 8, 2019

After twelve years of suffering, one women's life was redeemed and renovated by God, and she became a community leader.

The Second Congo War was one of the deadliest conflicts worldwide since World War II, and its impact has rippled through Africa long after its official end in 2003.

Although the war was technically centered around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many other east African countries felt the shock waves in the forms of desperate famine and economic depression, including Uganda.

Heart Revival Among India’s Widows

Rachel Chimits
December 12, 2018

God is setting India’s widows free from the weight of prejudice.

To lose a spouse is a hard blow to the heart; but in India, the social ramifications can make it even harsher.

One young Indian woman explains how widows are treated: “She is stigmatised as a woman who has failed to safeguard her husband’s life. Traditional beliefs hold that her husband is God and when he dies, she is expected to be grief-stricken, everlastingly, for the rest of her life.”

Widows are viewed by India’s society as those who have lost what gives them value, not a view that God takes as the “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows...” —Psalms 68:5a ESV

Meet the Most Forgotten...

Mark Buzzetta
November 16, 2018

Who falls through the cracks most? Would you believe it is widows? World Challenge finds that widows around the globe are incredibly vulnerable—and heartbreakingly neglected. But not by us. And not by your caring gifts of support.

Picture cold rain pouring down like ice needles and fog, masking the view of the mountains, as a woman, her daughter, and her grandson sit in their one-room cardboard shack. The little structure is riddled with gaps. Through them, the rain is turning this woman’s dirt floor into sticky mud. The small fire inside barely warms them even as it spews black smoke, adding to the quarter-inch-thick soot stains on the ceilings and walls.

Hope and Light in the Ukraine

Roger Jonker
October 6, 2016

Bruce and Deborah Crowe along with their 8 children are full time missionaries to the Ukraine but also minister in Belarus and Russia, regularly. They have lived in the Ukraine for 8 years and feel called to bring the gospel to the former Soviet Union.

They live in an extremely poor area and with the major upheaval of the past few years most continue to suffer economically. Pensioners are somehow expected to survive on less than $40 a month. The winter months are very hard for Ukrainians, especially widowers.