The Church’s Global Calling To Community

The Church’s Global Calling To Community

Gary Wilkerson – August 18, 2014

As a pastor, I see clearly the church’s call to represent Christ at home and abroad. I know the need and benefit of gospel outreach in any community, and I want to see my own city healthy and full of life. That’s why I labor for Christ’s transforming gospel to be preached in my community. For this same reason, World Poverty Solutions supports and works through local churches around the globe. We can be more effective agents of change when we aid those doing God’s work on the ground throughout the world.

In most developing countries, Christians understand that a changed life is a gift that must be shared with others. They also know that fellow villagers are more receptive to the gospel when they see that God is concerned with the whole person. Churches here are spreading the Good News in just this way—through practical instruction in agriculture, hygiene and other life areas, while emphasizing lessons from the Bible.

Similar wholistic ministry is taking place in Cambodia, where World Poverty Solutions promotes church planting. Local pastors and congregants act as missionaries to their own villages, evangelizing and instructing in methods of improved health and hygiene practices, for example. The newly trained local villagers then expand their outreaches into neighboring communities.

Here in the U.S., through valued partnerships, we seek to bring practical help and encouragement to families struggling with a wide range of urban challenges that negatively impact families. This work with churches provides after-school programs for at-risk kids, community social events where relationships are grown and the gospel is presented, and short term strategic assistance is offered.

With every opportunity, it becomes increasingly clear to us that a central part of our calling is to help local churches reach those in need. Please join us in prayer and support to continue serving churches that serve the poor.