Transformation in Our Own Backyard

Transformation in Our Own Backyard

World Poverty Solutions Staff – April 17, 2017

World Poverty Solutions for Impoverished America

Pastor Tom was bothered and burdened. For years, he had faithfully pastored a church in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, a small town in a desperately poor region of the state.

More than half of the county’s population is on government assistance. Communities have been ravaged by drug addiction, mostly from methamphetamine use. Despite his church’s best efforts to impact their town, Pastor Tom saw his neighbors mired in a despair they couldn’t escape.

As he pondered the broken families, addicts and homeless people he knew, he told himself, “There has to be a better way to minister the Good News.” Then he realized what that way was. He’d seen entire communities transformed by the gospel— in Uganda!

Several years ago, Pastor Tom traveled to Uganda with a World Poverty Solutions (WPS) team to witness the work we’re doing in one of the world’s poorest regions. He was astounded by what he saw: villages of well-maintained huts and gardens…thriving communities where neighbors looked after each other… healthy citizens free of diseases that used to plague them…and grateful people who brought offerings of vegetables and eggs to local churches.

The gospel wasn’t just preached to these villagers, he realized— it was taught in a practical way that blessed life for all. And it was shared from villager to villager, starting with local

Christians who volunteered through WPS as “community health evangelists.” Today their once-ravaged communities stand as beacons of hope, in stark contrast to the typical villages around them. Pastor Tom realized, “If this can happen in a developing country, surely it can happen in my town.” That’s when he called World Poverty Solutions.

Recently, WPS conducted training for concerned members of Spruce Pine and other towns in Mitchell County. The gathering included a police officer, a newspaper owner, an economic director, multiple pastors from different denominations, and community members. With this encouragement and support, the diverse group is moving toward a new cooperative vision. WPS returns this month to continue training at the group’s request. And we’ll continue alongside them to see Christ-centered, wholistic transformation in lives, families and communities of northwestern North Carolina.

Our desire at WPS is to be a catalyst of true hope to any impoverished community, not just those overseas. Would you consider partnering with us to see lasting change take place in our own backyard? You can help by donating to “World Poverty Solutions” and by praying for our teams and partners. Please join us to see his will accomplished on earth as it is in heaven!