Unexpected Miracle Workers

Unexpected Miracle Workers

Ben Demblowski – February 5, 2018

Jesus does wonderful things when we take him at his word. When we put our trust in him, he fulfills his promises in amazing, unexpected ways. That’s what Jesus did for Pastor Kambale Muhongya, a young, upstarting pastor in the D.R. Congo.

Following God’s plan for his life after graduating from Bible school, Pastor Muhongya decided to start his own church; however, he hit a roadblock. As required by his denomination, he needed to build a home close to the church. He suddenly had a need that was far beyond his own abilities, but instead of disobeying the Lord, he trusted in him. Even though he was facing seemingly impossible circumstances: he cried out to God. And the Lord answered his prayers by giving him a way to move forward, in an unlikely way.

He was afforded the opportunity to attend a World Poverty Solutions training in Christian community work for pastors in his area. Through the trainings, he and several community members started a project that would help them build houses. A group of 35 people, they created an initiative to each contribute 1 tin sheet, 2 pieces of lumber and $1 per month toward home-building projects.

Still without a home, Pastor Muhongya continued to passionately preach the Gospel and started training his neighbors in the community. Using the gathered resources, three people built new houses, including a widow who didn’t know about Jesus before the project started. Because of the love and help she received from Pastor Muhongya and her community, she accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized. She confessed that if God could do such a miracle for her, he must be real and decided to follow him.

As time went on, the community witnessed his good work among the people, and decided to make his miracle happen! They rallied and built Pastor Muhingya a house. Next, they helped him complete the church building. Like in Mark 10:29-30,  Pastor Muhongya took Jesus at His word and received much more than he even expected. He witnessed God’s miraculous provision through an unlikely group of poor community members who learned to give what little they had to each other.

Now seeing the fulfillment of God’s promise to him, Pastor Muhongya continues to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through community work in remote, war-torn parts of the D.R. Congo. His commitment to train the body of Christ both in spiritual and physical matters is building up a body of believers who are doing all things through Christ Jesus. They are bringing hope and light to dark places by serving each other and their communities.

Wonderful stories like this are happening throughout the world in the communities we partner with. Christ is being glorified through the most unlikely of people. Individuals are being filled with hope, and families are being restored and strengthened. Continue to pray that God will guide our decisions and open doors for our teams to meet the right men and women of God who will advance His kingdom in all the earth. Thank you for your amazing support and God bless you as you have richly blessed so many!